Century Group supports Isale Eko Stage Play

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Isale Eko is a wonderfully scripted stage play directed by the award winning Director William Benson- fresh from his turn in directing the British Council sponsored Play- ‘The Line’ at the Nigerian Theatre festival.

Isale Eko is a romantic play on historical facts allowing the sitting of a fictional romantic tale on true and highly verifiable occurrences. The play tells the story of true love between the fiery and aggressive Prince Kosoko of Lagos and the very beautiful and nubile Princess of the Bini Kingdom who was mistakenly taken away into slavery by slave raiders. This unfortunate incident draws the very powerful Benin monarch into the intrigues and power struggles of 14th century Isale Eko kingdom.

The story was told with melodious songs and dance sequences that would see the effective use of period costumes in telling the story of Prince Kosoko and the Princess of Bini to an excited audience.

The acts were carefully chosen to crisscross three generations of actors with the legendary Yemi Sodimu and Patrick Doyle leading the stellar cast.

Century Group was joined with friends to watch Isale Eko- in the 14 th Century come alive through story telling on stage in the Muson Centre.


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