About Century Group

Century Group (CG) is a global industrial group operating in the energy and non-energy sectors through seven main subsidiaries. Our mission is to identify and solve problems; to enable people, and create value. The company’s operational goals are thus focused on job creation with commercial effectiveness in diverse industries in all the countries we operate.  

Through our Global Manning subsidiary which was set up to fill the requisite human capacity gaps in both the public and private sectors, we are committed to creating well over 500,000 jobs in the coming decade by deliberately developing new businesses to stimulate job creation, skills development and industrial growth. Through strategic partnerships, CG provides top-of-the-range equipment and support services to local and international operators in Nigeria, the West African sub-region and across the African continent. 

In the energy sector, we have proven expertise in operations and maintenance of offshore production and storage facilities, as well as logistics and procurement. We are the largest operator of Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels. We co-own and manage over twenty Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. To consolidate our fast-growing business, we are developing Kidney Island, in partnership with SPDC, to become a strategic centre for oil field logistics and supply chain activities in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. 

Our Gas Plus Synergy subsidiary is focused on bringing clean, readily available, and affordable domestic cooking gas to millions of homes in Nigeria and other African countries currently dependent on environmentally-unfriendly and less cost-effective energy sources for domestic cooking.

Our humble beginnings continue to drive our commercial leadership and commitment to improve standards of living in the communities in which we do business.  In addition to our Joint Venture, Century Bumi Limited (CBL), our other subsidiaries are: Century Energy Services Ltd (CESL), Century Ports and Terminals Ltd (CPTL), Century Exploration and Production Limited (CEPL), and Century Shipping and Logistics Limited (CSL). We have operational presence in Nigeria, USA, UK, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.