Who We Are



To be a leading global industrial group actively involved in solving problems, enabling people, and creating value.



To be a reference point in excellent service delivery to our clients and stakeholders, and to continue to de-risk and develop new opportunities in energy infrastructure supply across diverse sectors, facilitating job creation, skills development, and industrial growth globally.



To optimally promote energy security through the mitigation of associated infrastructural, production, and distribution risks.

Core Values

Service Excellence

Service excellence driven by quality assurance is at CG’s core. This reflects from project conception to completion and in our harmonious dealings with the public.


CG recognizes the fluidity and continuous evolution of the objectives of our stakeholders; we are therefore observant and nimble to identify developing trends and solutions in the best interest of our partners.


Every member of CG contributes unreservedly, giving the very best as a vital thread in the grand tapestry of success design.

Local Capacity Development

CG continues to rise to the challenges within our host communities by providing human capital with a sense of pride and purpose.


We demonstrate through our solution deliveries the spirit and character of accountability and transparency.