Lease of Oil and Gas storage facilities

The Century Group fleet of cutting-edge infrastructure is accessible without the upfront capital investment, enabling clients to focus on what they do best—extracting and processing hydrocarbons.

As a leader in providing top-tier storage solutions, we are dedicated to supporting the unique demands of the African oil and gas sector through our storage facilities which are designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and profitability of your operations. Our storage facilities are strategically located across strategic locations, ensuring convenient access and reduced transportation costs. Our facilities adhere to the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring safe and secure storage for your products. We are committed to maintaining environmental and operational compliance at all times.

Whether you need a short-term lease or a long-term arrangement, our flexible lease terms can be tailored to fit the client’s specific operational needs. As your business grows, our scalable solutions can grow with you.

In addition to our top-tier facilities, we provide full support services, including maintenance, technical assistance, and operational consulting to ensure smooth operations.