Our drilling services have over the years assisted clients in getting the best value from their wells/ reservoirs.

Exploration & Production

Century Group has the capacity, experience and relevant relationships to optimally develop and produce oil and gas assets. We employ cost-effective strategies to discover new resources and optimize the development of oil and gas fields.

Cost Effective Development of Hydrocarbon Assets

We proffer customized and cost-effective solutions to Oil & Gas firms culminating in the actualization of set goals in whatever spectrum of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Hydrocarbon Assets

With almost two decades of Operation & Maintenance experience in Africa and beyond, we oversee the daily Operation & Maintenance of flow-stations, FPSOs, FSOs and several other installations.

Efficient Development of other Energy Assets

As a key service player focused on  delivery of  value to our clients and partners , we prioritize security, safety, and cost-effectiveness in the management of assets. Century Group deploys global industry standards as a benchmark for continuous efficiency, through ground-breaking technologies, data analytics and innovative customer-oriented processes.

Onshore/Offshore Logistics Services

As an integrated Oil & Gas company, we provide exceptional Onshore/Offshore logistics services which include: Anchor Handling, Tug Supply Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels, Utility Vessels, Accommodation Barges, Fast Support Intervention Vessels, Crew boats.

Engineering Support Services

We provide exceptional quality on all Engineering support services without comprising on safety.

Lease of Production and storage facilities

We provide technical support and expertise in the lease of production, storage and relevant field development facilities. We believe in cost-effective and efficient resource management.